Outsourcing Services


Intercon Systems offers solutions allowing for instant and considerable increase of technological competence in the firms using outsourcing and specialized infrastructure.
Using knowledge and experiences of the developers, analysts and consultants of Intercon Systems, customers get the necessary support without the necessary costs, essential to building their competence.
Cooperation with Intercon Systems allows to avoid the investment costs and provides the objective assessment of IT activities by the experts with big practical experience. The look from outside on the contact of technology with business allows to discover new potential in development of the organization.

Outsourcing in IT enables to concentrate on main goal i.e. development of the offer, marketing and sale. Wide range of competences allow us to take responsibility for the areas such as:

  • Small scale initiatives, where high competence is needed,
  • Large scale initiatives where high investment expanses are need, where direct maintenance is uneconomical.
The time necessary for providing adequate resources may be an equally crucial factor, which in a dynamically changing competitive environment may be decisive for a company’s success or failure.


Intercon Systems offers support in professional IT services in the following areas:

  • Management of IT infrastructure,
  • Service of particular system or separated processes in organization,
  • Body leasing,
  • Expert consulting in projecting.
Infrastructure maintenance requires special human resource and technological potential. Perfection of both elements is essential to the proper functioning of business systems.

Intercon Systems offers cost flexible solutions which allow us to adapt the operating SLA (Service Level Agreement) to real business needs (reduction of the expenses resulting from the overestimation of demand) and to avoid the critical situation as the result of underestimation of the resources. During recent years Intercon Systems generated the resources which allow us to offer solutions matched to the biggest IT projects demanding support in everyday operation or increased demand for maintenance.

Apart from the scale of operation Intercon Systems strength lies in uniquely designed solutions tested in the most demanding environments on the Polish market and guarantee minimizing of business risks.

Intercon Systems supports the ongoing operation of systems and takes responsibility for its optimal configuration which allows to use its functionality fully by the business users. Our flexible standards make it possible to make ongoing modifications of existing solutions and adopting them to changes. Our active attitude, running appraisal of used resource and systematic analysis of operation lead to the effective improvement of the system.

Outsourcing of the e-commerce processes

Intercon System has tested solution which make it possible to take full responsibility and service of the most complicated process in e-commerce being considerable support of conducted activity.
We offer the following solutions:

  • Handling orders and electronic applications,
  • Sale of airline and railway tickets or financial products,
  • Handling online application forms concerning the sale of insurance products.
Our offer includes the whole area connected with the specific character of electronic channel and supports:
  • Sales promotion,
  • Sales form management,
  • Optimizing sales lead acquisition,
  • Automatic service of orders/application,
  • Preliminary qualification and detection of misuses of funds,
  • Integration with the basic systems in firms,
  • Service of financial systems.
Based on experiences gained during many earlier implementations , Intercon Systems guarantees the preparation of a complex and economical infrastructure (technological and operational) to handle internet transactions.


On the market the most demanding solutions need reliable infrastructure maintained by qualified administrators who are able to control the environment.
Our offer to maintain the infrastructure is directed to the firms looking for professional solutions:

  • Adopted to the need of particular solutions,
  • Ready to operate in short period of time,
  • For projects demanding the best parameters of the hardware and/or capacity of link,
  • Flexibility of resources for running requirements,
  • Guarantying full control over IT environment and physical element of infrastructure,
  • In accordance with security requirements of authorities,
  • Guarantying the highest level of SLA,
  • Offering supervision and technical support 24 a day/7 days a week /365 days a year.
Intercon Systems Data Center is used in the following institution:
  • Bank BGŻ BNP Paribas,
  • Skandia Życie (Vienna Insurance Group),
  • Inter Partner Assistance (AXA Group),
  • Affiliate program in bank PKO Bank Polski,
  • mbank.net.pl – Affiliate program of mBank.