Instant Payment System

Instant Payment System is a highly customizable and flexible modular system to process online payments.
Payment platform is divided into two parts: front-end and back-end.
Front-end is a single start-point for all transactions and includes:

  • Payment form module. This module manages Payment Forms layout and payment instrument data inputs.
  • Payment API module. Control of input point for payment API transactions.
  • Proxy and balance module. Balancing requests for backend and outbound requests proxy.
  • System administration module. This is user interface for payment system configuration.
System can be configured for multi-frontend layout, according to customer's requirements.

Back-end contains all business logic and data storage for system functioning:
  • Payment processing module. Core module for different payment instruments transactions processing.
  • System administration module. Contains server part of system configuration module, user accounts configuration, user privileges, system logs etc.
  • Risk management module. Includes anti-fraud management, black and white-lists configuration, online monitoring and other hacking prevention facilities.
  • Reporting module. This module can use standalone database and provides flexible options for custom reports generation, chargeback prognosis and alerts notification setup.
  • Accounting module. Includes invoicing and reconciliation facilities.
  • Integration module. Allows to use connectors for different payment engines, payment processing system or other ERP/CRM systems.
  • Secure data module. Includes generation procedures and secure storage for sensitive data encryption keys with hacking prevention features.

InstantPaymentSystem features

  • Flexible customization. We can setup and configure payment platform, to fit all business-specific needs.
  • Different payment methods and providers support. Our platform could be integrated with any existing payment method: mass-market payment card, bank transfer or narrow segment alternative payment instruments like electronic money or local payment systems.
  • Powerful reporting. Complete payment information and monitoring of each transaction with most popular pre-defined reports plus wide customization possibilities.
  • Multi-language and cross-country environment ready. Our platform includes set of features, which allow to get maximum profitability for each region.
  • Secure payment card data storage. Our software was written according to strict security standards.
  • Antifraud instruments. Our solution use integrated checks and rules configuration for each payment transaction. There is a possibility to easy integration with popular scoring systems to ensure minimum fraud transactions level.
  • ERP/CRM integration. Possible integration with internal financial systems as well as work-flow or CRM systems.

Exemplary implementations

  • - instant transfers from UK to Poland, system also supports the currency exchange.
  • UNIQA24 - integration with direct insurances platform.
  • Mondial Assistance - integration with direct insurances platform.
InstantPaymentSystem is fully integrated with Customer Acquisition System, a flagship product by Intercon Systems, a complete solution for the creation, deployment, maintenance, and optimization of omni-channel sales and onboarding processes, dedicated to the financial institutions such banks, insurance companies and financial intermediaries.